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Getting Started with VMware Academic Licensing

NOTE: VMware Academic software licensing is not to be used for any commercial use, and thus should only be used for academic purposes, such as preparing for or participating in competitions, coursework, etc

Part A : Setting up Account

  1. Once invited, you should get a similar email
  1. The link should lead you here, where you will ‘claim’ the subscription
3. You will need to register a new account on the right side
4. You may be prompted to continue
5. You should be able to proceed with redeeming your assigned subscription
6. Once enrollment is complete, you may get a confirmation message. Proceeding should log you in:

Part B: Claiming VMware Academic Licenses

  1. Once logged in, select the course
  1. As the course welcome page suggests, you will first need to submit license requests

Here is the Link : License Request

  1. Also, you will need to download the software from VMware’s website

    1. Download VMware Workstation Pro for Windows or Linux

Here is the Workstation Pro Link : Workstation Pro for Windows or Linux

  1. If you have macOS, download VMware Fusion Pro

Here is the Fusion Pro : Fusion Pro for MacOS

4. Once you have downloaded the software, you should be able to use the license you receive with it
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