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What is it?

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer; it allows you to create several "pseudo terminals" from a single terminal. This is very useful for running multiple programs with a single connection, such as when you're remotely connecting to a machine using SSH.

Tmux also decouples your programs from the main terminal, protecting them from accidental disconnecting. You can detach tmux from the current terminal, and all your programs will continue to run safely in the background. Later, you can reattach tmux to the same or a different terminal.

How do you use it?

Tmux uses many keyboard shortcuts that are triggered by pressing the "prefix" combination which by default is Ctrl+B. Going forward $ represents a normal command while : represents inside a tmux session using the prefix combination followed by the : and the rest of the command.


To start a new session

$ tmux which is short for $ tmux new-session or :new

To start a new session with a name

$ tmux new -s <name of session> or :new -s <name of session>

Kill/Delete session with name

$ tmux kill-ses -t <name of session> which is short for $ tmux kill-session -t <name of session>

Kill/Delete all sessions but the current

$ tmux kill-ses -a

Kill/Delete sessions but

$ tmux kill-ses -a -t <name of session>

Rename Session

Ctrl + b then $

Detach from session

Ctrl + b then d

Detach others from the session

:attach -d

Show all sessions

$ tmux ls or tmux list-sessions

Ctrl + b then s

Attach to last session

$ tmux a or $ tmux attach-session

Attach to session with

$ tmux a -t <name of session> or $ tmux attach-session -t <name of session>

Session and Window Preiew

Ctrl + b then w

Move to previous session

Ctrl + b then (

Move to next session

Ctrl + b then )


Toggle last active pane

Ctrl + b then ;

Split pane with horizontal layout

Ctrl + b then %

Split pane with vertical layout

Ctrl + b then "

Close current pane

Ctrl + b then x

Toggle synchronize-panes (send command to all panes)

:setw synchronize-panes

Switch to pane to the direction

Ctrl + b then <up arrow>

Ctrl + b then <down arrow>

Ctrl + b then <left arrow>

Ctrl + b then <right arrow>

Move the current pane left

Ctrl + b then {

Move the current pane right

Ctrl + b then }

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