SPICE | Public Cloud Platform Access Guide - UMCST/SPICE-user-info GitHub Wiki

Note: As the Public Cloud Platform(PCP) is actively changing as new services and hosts are introduced, the various methods of access outlined in this guide are subject to change. For SPICE contributors who find themselves working on the PCP: If any changes are made to any part of the PCP, please return to this guide and add/update the steps for any new or altered methods of access.

General Guidelines:

  1. Unless you have special permissions through the AWS Console, you have to go through a jumpbox to access the PCP (All domain names are under the assumption that you are either on the school network or using the UMaine remote access VPN. If you are using the Admin VPN, for example, these domain names and methods of access will change accordingly. Please refer to ... to see how these changes work.)

Hosts that you need to go through a jumpbox to access

  • Through ACGJump0
    • ACG Wazuh Elastic (wz-elastic0.epcp.spicelab.org)
    • ACG Wazuh Manager (wz-manager0.epcp.spicelab.org)
  • Through Juniper or Garlic
    • Terraform2 (terraform2.epcp.spicelab.org)