Updating - TurtleTekFTC/FtcRobotController Wiki

We need to update the app whenever we get the pop-up that our version is a commit or so behind on GitHub.

To Update:

  1. We started by going to the "Pull Request" button
  2. Hit the "New Pull Request Button"
  3. Switch which Repo is getting merged with the other one. Started by switching the repo drop-down. Hit the compare across forks button. You want the First Tech to go into the Turtle Tek one.
  4. Hit the "create pull request" button.
  5. Give the pull request a title.
  6. Hit the other "create pull request" button
  7. scroll down to the "Merge pull Request" button
  8. Click the "Merge Pull Request"
  9. Click the "confirm merge" button.
  10. Fetch and pull the changes from GitHub
  11. Nothing should have changed other than the version.