Frequently Asked Questions - TownyAdvanced/Towny Wiki

Q: Why can users not break or build in the wilderness outside of their towns?

A: Use /ta toggle wildernessuse.

Q: When towns fall or unclaim land all the blocks start to disappear back into wilderness. How do I stop this?

A: Using /tw toggle revertunclaim in each world.

  • The New World Settings section of the config is only default settings for new worlds, it's explained in the config section comments, the install guide and the how towny works page. You need to be using the /tw toggle commands or manually setting the worldname.txt file.

Q: Which economy plugins do you recommend using with Towny?

A: You have lots of options

  • Complex:
  • Simple:
  • Just about every economy plugin will work. You will still need either Vault or Reserve for Towny to be able to communicate with your economy plugin of choice.
  • Plugins known to not work: aConomy, XConomy, Economy by Scruffyboy12, NextEconomy, EssentialsEconomy, EconomyPlus, Sunlight.