5. PM Documentation - Tivix/cpf GitHub Wiki

1. Meetings cadence


  • Dedicated to sharing information on:
    • Working on OR about to work on
    • Timeline on track OR off track
      • If off track, then a reason so we can learn from it
    • Signal discussions that should happen offline OR after the daily
    • Impediments to raise
    • Any general project updates
    • Any relevant topic related to the shared daily update that should be communicated to & acknowledged by the whole team
  • Frequency: Tuesday & Thursday

2. Impediments log

Description Owner Importance Due Date Action to be taken Strategy Comments Resolved? (Y/N)
a a a a a a a a

3. Project Roadmap

Link to the Spreadsheet with the list of all features: Click

Link to the Miro board with the timeline: Click Zrzut ekranu 2024-06-11 o 16 40 38