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The OpenAssetIO working group steers the technical development of the project as it works towards its initial release. The aim is to ensure that its architecture and implementation choices facilitate easy and broad adoption within Media and Entertainment and beyond.


The working group is open to anyone who wishes to join, all meetings will be recorded and posted publicly after the event.

Meeting details

Zoom link: Frequency: Every 4 weeks on Thursday Add to Calendar: Calendar Invite

February 11th 2022

Date/Time: 11th February 2022 @ 17:00 GMT


January 10th 2022

Meeting Slides

Date/Time: 13th January 2022 @ 17:00 GMT

Discussion Points


Overview of where we are with project (see slides)

Q: Does it contain a resolver?

Discussion: Where should communication take place?

Q: Is there a plan to move to ASWF?

CMake Discussion

CY2022/Python Discussion

Nick presentation on OTIO difficulties with languages

Which languages feel best for people?