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Current Quarter (Spring 2024)

Student-Originated Software (SOS)

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Operating Systems

Software Construction

AI Self-Hosting

Computer Science at Evergreen

Developer Diaries

Dev diaries are a log of your daily work that can be used to substitute for any code interview/homework credit in this class. You can see examples from your classmates below. You are encouraged to use code blocks (with triple backticks), and you can paste screenshots directly into markdown.

Guiding Principle

Your dev diary entries should be useful and interesting to

  • your classmates facing similar problems and answering similar questions
  • your past self, if you were to time-travel back and give this dev diary to help aid understanding

Add and Update Yours Here

List of wiki pages

  1. Ground up getting started in infrastructure setup: Lists out the steps in getting started with EC2 and setting up Express.
  2. Automating Web Server processes: Details the final step of HW3 and one possible solution.
  3. Troubleshoot port error: Details on some occasion when AWS not properly exited.
  4. Uploading your csv into you PostgreSQL: Adding in all your data into one table.
  5. Creating a React Dashboard: Creating a fancy dashboard with React for the front end, build and serve it.
  6. AWS repair, re-mount instances/volume: Provide a fix on how to regain access to an instance that has been disconnected by losing PEM files or a misconfigured firewall


Application Security