Connection Managers - TelepathyIM/telepathy-qt GitHub Wiki

Supported protocols


Repository: telepathy-morse

Status: In development

Backend: TelegramQt

Backend status: Active development (lack basic features)

Supported features:

  • Two-step authorization

Hard issues:


Repository: telepathy-nonsense

Status: stagnation

Backend: QXmpp

Backend status: Slow development

Supported features:

  • Avatars
  • Group chat
  • File Transfer
  • ?Carbon messages?


Repository: telepathy-tank

Status: uprising

Backend: QMatrixClient

Backend status: Active development (lack some features)

Supported features:

  • Trivial text messaging

Hard issues:

  • Improved Room support


Repository: telepathy-ofono

Status: stagnation

Backend: a fork of ofono-qt (repo: Kaffeine)

Backend status: effectively dead

Hard issues:

  • Research the option to rebase the CM on libqofono
  • Everything is hard

Fragmentation story s01e03

Jolla started to develop libqofono (despite the exists ofono-qt) but maintains glib-based telepathy-ring. Canonical uses libqofono (from MER) for UI, but developed a brand-new telepathy-ofono, based on the old ofono-qt with a plan to port it to libqofono at some time.

This is how we ended up with two (glib and Qt) telepathy connection managers and two qt bindings for Ofono.


Repository: telepathy-resiprocate

Status: stagnation

Backend: resiprocate (same repo).

Backend status: in active development

Developed during GSoC 2016.