FAQ - TakosThings/Fluent-Discord Wiki

How do I change the accent colour, and what do the numbers mean?

This is explained on the accent wiki page.

How do I use my own background image?

You have to upload a copy of the background, and change the background link in the CSS file. You can use your own private Discord server or a site like imgur to host the image.

The usual caveats apply;

Read the acrylic wiki page which has some important information about performance.

How do I make the theme transparent?

This isn't a feature of this theme.

How do I get the fonts if I'm not on Windows?

Download them from Microsoft Docs and install them.
You only need to download 'Segoe UI Variable' and 'Segoe Fluent Icons'. 'Hololens icon font' is used by the theme, but only in one or two places so it isn't really required.