Installation - TabulaRasaXI/TabulaRasa Wiki

Installation instructions

  • Download installer.exe, and data.pak.
  • Run installer.exe, install in whatever directory you prefer.
  • Configs should be set already, run Windower/Ashita and play!

Potential FFXI-3331 Fix

After some updates it may be required to perform these additional steps to either install for the first time or update your existing install.

Example 3331 Error:

In order to fix this we need to delete a file in one our directories and run a file repair. Follow the steps below to complete the installation and login to Tabula Rasa!

First delete the file at C:\YourInstallDirectory\Final Fantasy XI\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\ROM\0\0.dat

Note: Do not delete the entire "0" folder -- just delete the 0.dat file.


After you delete the 0.dat file, open pol.exe from your PlayOnlineViewer folder and select "Check files".


Be sure to select FinalFantasyXI before you check files. It defaults to PlayOnline Viewer. Run "Check files" after selecting Final Fantasy XI. It should only take a few moments.


After "Check files" runs, a prompt will appear asking if you'd like to file repair -- you do! Select File repair and let it complete. It happens pretty quick.


And you are done! Enjoy Tabula Rasa :)

If you already have a retail updated game client and windowers/ashita installed. You can connect to the game server at

If you would like to switch between servers you are playing on, you can download the switcher.bat and run it from within the \PlayOnline\SquareEnix\ directory of the server you want to play on.