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This page contains common errors and ways to fix them.

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Startup errors

Missing required environment variable

When updating your environmental variables, almost make sure you restart the bot with the --update-env option if you are using PM2. As explained here


You need to make sure your file is NOT called ecosystem.template.json. It needs to be ecosystem.json.


Before trying to fix this error, you should enable viewing file extensions.
MAKE SURE THE FILE IS NOT CALLED config.env OR bot.env OR ANYTHING. JUST .env (a dot and "env").
If your computer does not allow you to name it .env, simply call it .env. (with the extra .).


Unknown SteamID input format

In your .env or ecosystem.json, the ADMINS and KEEP options need to have valid SteamID64's in them. For example: 76561198144346135 is a valid SteamID64.
You can find this on SteamRep or on your profile

Access denied

Your Steam account(s) needs to be unlimited. To make your Steam account(s) unlimited you need to add $5 or more to the Steam account(s) here (remember to be logged into the bot(s)' account). If you're using another currency than USD, you might need to add more than $5 due to conversion rates.

Ratelimit Exceeded

You have logged in too many times (possibly due to it crashing and restarting too often). Stop the bot for an hour and then start it again.

Could not get account limitations

As it says in the console with the message about the error, set SKIP_ACCOUNT_LIMITATIONS to true in your .env or ecosystem.json.

TypeError: input.match is not a function

The error looks like this:

This is caused, by not adding " " between the SteamID64 you added in your ITEM_STATS_WHITELIST variable inside your environment file (on Windows: .env - on Linux: ecosystem.json).

The array should look like this: ["SteamID64"] You can also leave it empty if you are the only person who should use that command. This is because you, as the owner, can use this command no matter what's inside that array.

Other errors

Corrupted JSON file

These errors are usually caused by either your polldata.json or your pricelist.json being corrupted. You should examine the error in your log and see if it matches the one of the polldata.json corruption or the pricelist.json corruption.

polldata.json corruption

There are multiple cases where this may happen. If your error looks somewhat like this:
Then something went wrong with your polldata.json file. This is located in the tf2autobot/files/{your steamid}/ folder. Simply deleting it will fix the issue.

pricelist.json corruption

If your error looks somewhat like this:

Then your pricelist.json is corrupted which is very bad because it holds all of the items you added to your pricelist. You should not delete this file and instead ask in the discord server for help.

Making a regular backup of your pricelist.json file is always recommended.

Error in options.json

If your error looks somewhat like this:

You should check out the mentioned line (here: line 27) in your options.json file to see if there are any syntax errors (here: missing quotes around Team Shine).

Unexpected token in JSON error

If you get an error somewhat like this:

SyntaxError: Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at new Bot (C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Edited\dist\classes\Bot.js:74:72)

Or something similar, then you did not set your ALERTS properly in your .env or ecosystem.json.
It is supposed to look like ["trade"] or ["none"]. This error usually happens if you forget the [] brackets.

Reason Failed to accept mobile confirmation

The bot may produce this error when a user attempts to trade using the !buy or !sell commands.
This issue occurs when SDA is left open. Please close SDA.

warn: Socket connection error xhr poll error

If your error looks like this:

Then you are using a node version that is not supported.

To fix the issue;
On Windows: Uninstall NodeJS then download the LTS version from
On Ubuntu(Linux):

npm i -g n && n lts


node -v

and make sure output starts with v14