How to Build Search Index - TACC/Core-CMS Wiki

Site search requires an index of content available to search.


Notice: Copied from Core-Portal/wiki: How to Build Search Index. May be overkill for a standalone CMS.

  • At least one page in CMS (see above).
  • At least 15% of free disk space.
  • For Mac/Windows
    • At least 4GB of RAM allocated to Docker (see Docker Desktop > Preferences > Resources > Advanced).
  • For Linux (Locally)
    • Run sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=2146999999 (The minimum required by ES is 262144 but it doesn't seem to work).
    • Run sudo sysctl -w vm.overcommit_memory=1.
    • Run sudo sysctl -p (In order to persist in /etc/sysctl.conf).



  1. Completely shut down all of your containers and restart them.

  2. Login to docker shell:

    docker exec -it core_cms /bin/bash
  3. Index all searchable content:

    python rebuild_index


See Core-Portal/wiki: How to Build Search Index.


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