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Areas is a mod designed to allow very granular modifications to the different spawning systems in Valheim. To help this endeavour, the systems are modified through specific YAML files for easy identification.


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Available commands and how to use them.


The document areas.json is used to stablishes zones. This zones Their properties are retrieved via the field cfg_id.


When a critter is spawned, Areas intercept it and apply any modifications written in this file. Modifications are bound to the available components in monsters. Currently only part of the Character component is available for modification, but I'll be adding more.


SpawnSystem is the spawning system responsible for general world spawning. Most Boars, Deer, Fish and wandering Greydwarfs spawn using this system. It uses a list m_spawners which contains SpawnSystem.SpawnData objects, which are responsible for spawning critters according to the data they contain.


CreatureSpawner is responsible for spawning specific critters in specific locations. For example: Surtlings, Elite_Blobs in front of swamp dungeons or Boars in abandoned villages.


SpawnArea is the spawning system that destructible spawners have. They implement a list called prefabs that, contrary to its name, contains a weighted list of SpawnArea.SpawnData objects which specifies which critters to spawn.