How‐To Guides - SynthstromAudible/DelugeFirmware GitHub Wiki

Work in progress HOWTOs for Deluge, including both official and community features. See: Style guide

Add/remove columns anywhere in a clip

In CLIP view:

  1. Rotate the clip so the place where you want add/remove columns in is at the end.
  2. Change clip length to add/remove columns at the end.
  3. Rotate the clip back to its original position.

Arm resampling to start/stop with playback

  • Hold RECORD and press PLAY. Recording and playback both start immediately.
  • While resampling is in progress, in SONG view, hold RECORD and press PLAY to stop resampling at next loop point. Note: doing this will cut of any reverb trails.

Assign CC to a gold knob in a MIDI clip

In CLIP view in a MIDI clip:

  1. Press MODE button for the paramater whose CC you want to assign.
  2. Hold GOLD and turn SELECT to assign the CC.

Clear a clip

In CLIP view:

  • Hold HORIZONTAL and press BACK.

Change clip length

In CLIP view:

  • Hold SHIFT and turn HORIZONTAL.

Change clip play direction

In CLIP view:

  • Hold SHIFT and press PAD unlabelled pad immediately below the left gold encoder, to the right of the OSC SYNC PAD.

Change sample repeat mode for all kit rows

In CLIP view of a kit:

  1. Open the sample repeat mode editor. See: Edit a parameter. (Bottom left corner pad.)
  2. Hold AFFECT ENTIRE while turning the SELECT encoder.

Create a kit

In CLIP view:

  1. Hold SHIFT and press KIT.
  2. Select sample to load to first row of the kit.

Delete a kit row

In CLIP view of a kit:

  • Hold PAD on the kit row to delete and press DELETE.

Delete all unused kit rows

Since community release 1.0.

In CLIP view of a kit:

  • Hold KIT, hold SHIFT, and press DELETE.

Edit a parameter

In CLIP view, use any of the following:

  • Hold AUDITION and press PAD for the parameter.
  • Hold SHIFT and press PAD for the parameter.
  • Press SELECT and use the menu to select the parameter.

Note: in a KIT you must have a row selected first!

Follow playhead


  • While playhead is visible on the grid, press CROSS-SCREEN.

Learn a parameter to a gold knob

  1. Open the parameter you want for editing. See: Edit a parameter
  2. Hold LEARN and turn the GOLD KNOB you want to bind it to. (Turn, not press!)

Load a folder of samples as a kit

In CLIP view:

  1. Create a kit
  2. Browse to the name of the folder you want, and long-press SELECT.

Load or save a MIDI instrument

Since community release 1.1.

In CLIP view:

  • Hold LOAD and press MIDI to load.
  • Hold SAVE and press MIDI to save.

Move a kit row

In CLIP view of a KIT:

  1. Hold both MUTE and AUDITION buttons on the row you want to move.
  2. Rotate VERTICAL to move it.

Rotate a clip

In CLIP view:

  • Hold VERTICAL and turn HORIZONTAL.
  • This rotates the clip: turning left will move notes that used to be at the beginning of the clip to the end, and vice versa.

Set audio clip input source

In SONG mode:

  • Hold INPUT and press PAD on the audio clip row.

Solo a clip

In SONG view:

  • Hold <> and press MUTE for the clip you want to solo. Solo starts at the end of loop.
  • To solo the clip immediately, hold SHIFT while pressing <>.

View VU-meter

Since community release 1.1.


  • Press LEVEL mod button while it is already lit, and AFFECT ENTIRE is on.

Style guide

Nothing official, just notes on how these are structured so far.

  • If a specific firmware version is required, mention it explicitly, in the style of: Since community release 1.0.
  • Write short, to the point guides: readers are assumed to have a basic familiarity with the Deluge: skip self-evident things like "select the option you want using the encoder and press to confirm your selection".
  • If more than 1-3 steps are required, if at all possible refer to a separate guide for some of them. For example, if user needs to have a parameter editor open, say something like "Open the parameter for editing" instead of spelling it out. Each guide should be just a few lines.
  • If there are steps that need to be done in order, use an ordered list.
  • If there are options or useful things to know, use an unordered list.
  • Current style of button combo is "hold X and press Y", making the order in which the combo needs to be entered explicit. X + Y would be shorter, though, but since the order matters it is probably better to be explicit.
  • Instead of using symbols like <> or ▲▼ use names like HORIZONTAL
  • If the button has two labels, use the one more relevant to the action, regardless of if shift is pressed or not.