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SynoCommunity package FFmpeg specific FAQ

FFmpeg provides a set of command line tools to process audio and video media files.

Commands are located in /usr/local/ffmpeg/bin and libraries are required by other packages. In DSM 7.0, they are located in /volume1/@appstore/ffmpeg/bin.

Reference documentation: https://www.ffmpeg.org/documentation.html

How to check supported formats and encoders

TODO retreive hgy59 reply with explanation

For a specific feature like 10bits support in HEVC:

$ /usr/local/ffmpeg/bin/x265 -V -D10

Please search for your requirements online, you should find command to run to get your specific answer.

How to use SynoCommunity FFmpeg in Video Station

Warning: untested and can course damage if you don't know what these commands do.


sudo mv /var/packages/VideoStation/target/bin/ffmpeg /var/packages/VideoStation/target/bin/ffmpeg.old
sudo ln -sf /var/packages/ffmpeg/target/bin/ffmpeg /var/packages/VideoStation/target/bin/ffmpeg
sudo cp -p /var/packages/VideoStation/target/lib/libsynovte.so /var/packages/VideoStation/target/lib/libsynovte.so.old
sudo sed -i 's/eac3/ZXXZ/' /var/packages/VideoStation/target/lib/libsynovte.so
sudo sed -i 's/dts/ZXZ/' /var/packages/VideoStation/target/lib/libsynovte.so
sudo sed -i 's/truehd/ZXZZXZ/' /var/packages/VideoStation/target/lib/libsynovte.so

Reverse the above changes:

sudo mv -f /var/packages/VideoStation/target/bin/ffmpeg.old /var/packages/VideoStation/target/bin/ffmpeg
sudo mv -f /var/packages/VideoStation/target/lib/libsynovte.so.old /var/packages/VideoStation/target/lib/libsynovte.so

(Thanks @GermanChap)

Recent VideoStation version no longer loads SynoCommunity ffmpeg libraries. I should not recommend that but there is a process to downgrade it: https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc/issues/2952#issuecomment-337214013