07 Schedule - Swagdorf/GAM30002-G6-Repo Wiki



1. Sprint 01

Sprint 01 had the objective of creating a demo scene for the intention of demonstrating the game’s visual aesthetic, core gameplay mechanics and theme to the composers in a pitch presentation. The core tasks to be completed can be seen in the Minimal Viable Product - Demo Room Trello task. This sprint was started 12th April and concluded 21st April.

2. Sprint 02

Sprint 02 had the objective of creating the tutorial space from a purely functional perspective. Visual polish was not required, rather was an added bonus. The tutorial space has three rooms, an introductory room for the player to engage with the Beamgun for the first time, then two further rooms that allow the player to use both functions of the game; blue and red beams. This sprint started 23rd April and concluded on 30th April.

3. Sprint 03

Sprint 03 has a larger objective than the previous sprint. The tutorial is to be finalised by the 3rd May before full production continues on the ‘Level 1’ game level. Design is to be completed by 5th May, allowing 5 days for SWE and art teams to work on building the scene and scripts necessary to fulfill the design goals of the level. This sprint started 30th April and has the completion date of 10th May.

4. Sprint 04

Sprint 04 was to rush out a demo build for community playtesting amongst the GAM30002 students primarily. This build included the final act of the Alpha Build where the player puts what they learned in previous challenges in a more complex environment. Art assets for the alpha submission will be finalised here and implemented. Scripts likewise will be completed by this date, with continual adjustments to be developed upon from player feedback. This sprint began 24th May and was completed on the 31st May.

5. Sprint 05.

The final sprint for the Alpha submission. This alpha build is to demonstrate the suite of core game mechanics, represent the look and feel of the game and fulfills the pitch, delivering a rich and interesting experience to the audience. The due date is a hard deadline of Jun 6th 23:59, 2021.


1. First build

Temperform 0.1 - Tutorial Level, initial deadline was end of Sprint 02: April 30th. Extended deadline for touch-up design for build Temperform 0.1.1 has the deadline of May 3rd.

2. Second build

Temperform 0.2 - Level 1, completed May 10th.

3. Demo Build v0.1.

Temperform Demo v0.1 - Final rooms, completed May 31st.

4. Alpha Build v1.0

Temperform Alpha v1.0 - Alpha build, to be completed by June 6th.

5. Build stages

Alpha builds 0.1 -> 1.0. Beta builds 0.1 -> 1.0. Full build and subsequent patches 1.0 -> 1.X+.


Each level will require the previous level to be completed to assess the flow of the game and consistency of mechanical functionality. Level 1 will depend on Tutorial Level to be completed and playtested before Level 1 can be produced. Level 2 and beyond will depend on the previous levels to be produced before the production sprints can begin for it.