First Time Setup - StormPacer/How-to-Noodle Wiki

Setting up for noodling

You will need two difficulty files, one for the original map and one for the noodle version. The noodle version will always be rewritten, so make changes to the map in the original difficulty. DO NOT OPEN THE NOODLE DIFFICULTY IN MMA2!

When you have both of the difficulties set up, there are two sections in the script called INPUT and OUTPUT. In INPUT, write the original difficulty file name into the apostrophes, eg. ExpertStandard.dat. And in OUTPUT write the difficulty file name for the noodle difficulty, eg. ExpertPlusStandard.dat.

Adding the requirements


  1. Select the level you want to map in and click on the ExtraFields tab to the right of the difficulty select.

  2. Click the Requirements tab and then type in Noodle Extensions.

  3. Click the Add button to add it to the requirements.

  4. Click Save song info in the bottom left corner.

  5. Done!


  1. Already add some noodle to the map.

  2. Open the level in the editor.

  3. Save the level.

  4. Done!


  1. Q: Why should I not open the noodle difficulty in MMA2?

    A: MMA2 deletes all CustomData you write on notes/walls.

  1. Q: Can I edit the noodle difficulty in CM?

    A: You can, however when you next run the script all changes you made will be overwritten, so edit only the original difficulty.

  1. Q: Does the map have to be finished when I start noodle mapping?

    A: No, you can start noodle mapping whenever you want.

You can now continue with the the next page of this guide, have fun!