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To improve the supply chain, the most sensible move for your companies is to being improving your company’s supply chain viisbility. The SCV can help you to track the products from the original place to its final destination. But it is even better than that. You will be able to track it down in every point in the movement.

All is possible by using the supply chain visibility software which can put the data into your hands. Therefore, visibility is also attainable for the particular providers, business partners, as well as customers.

Global supply chain management has been talking about visibility for many years. Until in early 2020, the covid-19 pandemic broke out. This situation enforced every party in the supply chain to figure out the best way to track their stuff.

The pandemic has encouraged the global supply chains to revolutionize. Lack of visibility in the supply chain in many companies has suddenly arisen.

More companies are investing in technology, building strong networks with their partners, and adapting the SCV software and solutions to help them to improve the SCV quality.

There are dozens of SCV solutions and providers which you can come across the internet. But only few of them really deliver the best result. Save your time for researching and reach out Agistix now. This company will offer the best solutions for you.

But to be fair, here are the things that you need to do first before deciding to take the SCV software into your operation.

Identify the problems first

You won’t know the right solution for you if you haven’t identified the underlying problems first. What are the obstacles and barriers tha your firm is currently working on right now?

Answering that question will help you to identify the issues that will be gotten rid due to the improved supply chain visibility.

Discuss the matters with your internal team, partners, logistics, and other vendors to find out the problem areas.

There might be tiny details that you have noticed. Even the smallest error in the supply chain can come with the huge impact. Figure out the most pressing matter, then go insight. Pinpoint about the particular process, tech stack, software, or other solutions which will provide the good ROI for your company. If the solutions seem non-sensible, you may skip them and find other ways.

Keep in mind that the pain point that your company have can be different with the others.

Transportation visibility feature in your SCV solution

It is important to add the transportation visibility feature in your overall SCV solution. According to the experts, it is sensible to invest in real-time transportation visibility when your company is product-centric provider. These relevant features will give both providers and customers real time insights into the products.

This sort feature will effectively improve the customers experiece as well. The customers will be able to track their orders and shipment in real time. The tracking is viable once the products leave the company’s warehouse to the address of arrival.

Back then, customers had less viisbility once the shipment leaves the warehouse. The real time transportation visibility feature will overcome this problem for good.

Positive customer experience

To get the best solution provider, one of the keys is to take a look at the positive customer experience. You will be able to see it when you reach out Agistix company to talk about your matters. The customer experience is valued from the initial consultation on the device installations to the supply chain return. Obviously, you will need the good support from your service providers.

There are various supply chain visibility solutions offered in the market. But many of them are still new kids on the block. Not all providers can offer you with the scalability. There will be point in the future when you need to scale up your solution in order to cater to the increasing work volume. And Agistix can be your best partner for it.

The software providers who are able to deliver the service quality and innovation can be the right choice for you.

Integration with the legacy systems

There’s a chance that your company has been using the particular systems for years. Some of the technology components might no longer viable to meet the current standards. Here is where you want to get help from Agistix software vendor. It offers the latest framework for the scalability. The solutions they offer are feasible on the cloud applications. That means the integration will be much easier than before.

Analytic capabilities

When you are looking for the right supply chain visibility software, you will want to know if they provides the analytic capabilities as well. The analytic feature can help to improve the supply chain process effecicieny.

As we know, supply chain tasks are not cheap. There are some slits which can cause the increases of the expenses. You will want to find the inefficiencies and loopholes so that you can save money and resources.

In the SCV software, it is important to get the best analysis so that you can predict what’s going to happen in the future. Being able to improve the forecast capability, it will lead to the positive growth of the business.

The data that you’ve collected from the supply chain activity is not enough. They are still “RAW”. therefore, the software will need to include the information isolation feature so that you and your team can easily absorb the information in a good presentation. Reporting and mopnitoring are the core features that you don’t want to exclude from your SCV solutions.

Up-to-date technology

The next question that you could ask to your SCV software provider is whetehr they ahave updated technology or not. The technology is the root of the innovation. It can help the organization to improve the competitiveness level. the technology can improve the total production process. Vendors that use the technology can reap the benefits of the automation features. If you are selecting a solution provider with updated technology, you are making the right choice.

Contact Agistix representative now for further explanation about the opportunities in your company’s supply chain viisbility.