Utilities - SrS2225a/role-manager-bot Wiki

This Page is for the number of commands that members of a server may find useful with Dionysus!


Command Description Example
*say <channel> <message> Sends a message to the defined channel, as though it was sent by the bot *say #general test
*prefix [prefix] Views or sets a prefix *prefix &
*updaterank <member> <rank> Updates someones rank for the leveling system *updaterank Calcium#7102 1000
*creategiveaway <name> <winners> <duration> [requirement] Create and host your own giveaway *creategiveaway "$10 Nitro" 2 24h
*endgiveaway <message> Ends a running giveaway *endgiveaway 839655906202353672
*rerollgiveaway <message> Re-rolls the selected winners for the giveaway *rerollgiveaway 839655928478957589


Command Description Example
*remind <type> [duration] [description] Sets a reminder with a given time *remind dm 10m Drink some milk

You can supply the type argument with any of the listed options to specify the following: dm - Sends a reminder to your dm here - Sends a reminder to the current channel list - List your current reminders delete Deletes a specified reminder by code. (You can get this by listing your reminders)


Command Description Example
*createpoll <multiple> <topic> <duration> [questions...] Creates a poll *createpoll true "Whats your favorite time of day?" 2d Morning Afternoon Evening
*endpoll <messsage> Ends a running poll *endpoll 839654358740238337

You can supply the multiple argument with true if you want your members to be able to pick multiple options, otherwise set it to false if you don't