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This Page is for the unique, fully customizable club system you can create with Dionysus!

What is it?

Clubs are a unique system where your members can create a "club", basically like after school clubs. Refer to the Management Commands page for more info on how to enable this feature.


Command Description Example
*createclub <name> <description> <graphic> <time> [owners...] Creates a club *createclub "Art & Drawing" "A place to disucss and draw art" "Wensdays 2:00 PM"
*editclub <channel> <name> <description> <graphic> <time> [owners...] Edits a club *editclub #art-&-drawing "Art & Design" "A place to discuss, design and draw art" "Wensdays 2:00 PM"
*deleteclub <channel> Deletes a created club *deleteclub #art-&-drawing
*clubblacklist <member> <channel> [reason] Blacklists someone from a club *clubblacklist @Sugden#0562 #art-&-drawing