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make command


  • filename
    • Default: output
    • Description: The name of the output compiled file.
    • Default: on
    • Description: SnabbGET is in debug mode? on/off.
  • arg
    • Default:
    • Description: The arguments when you execute the compiled file with make command.
  • wasm
    • Default: off
    • Description: Compile SnabbGET in WebAssembly with em++ (emsdk). on/off.


  • pre_compile Generate some file before the compilation.
  • compile Compile SnabbGET.
  • libs Compile the libs.
  • run Start SnabbGET.
  • gui INDEV. Compile the GUI (Java).
  • runGui INDEV. Run the GUI (Java).

Debug mode

The debug mode is used to print some outputs when debugging…

I (LAPCoder) don't use my IDE debugger…


Open SnabbGET

To open SnabbGET after compiling, type:


or if you want to use the Makefile:

make run # DEBUG=off

make run open gdb.


The CLI is quite simple to use:

$ ./output say hello
$ ./output ls
myfile             1Ko
myfile2            3Mo        


OK. If you want all the commands with arguments up-to-date, type help in SnabbGET.

Command Description
say, echo Write something
cd [<dir> | -p] Change/Print Directory
exit Exit the shell
help [--web] Show this message
clear, cls Clear the screen
exe <command> Execute a command of your OS (e.g., gcc, ls, dir…). Use it the same way as start.
ls List file and dirs in the current directory
cp <file> <tofile> Copy a file or a dir to another file or a dir
mv <file> <tofile> Move (or rename) a file or a dir to another dir
mk [-d] <file> Create a file/dir
rm <file> Remove a file
calc <expression> Calculate a mathematical expression
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