Where can I find documentation for the rewrite? - Slymeball/figura-faq Wiki

There are three ways to get documentation for the rewrite, all displaying the same content.


Using the /figura docs command, you can look up any function and API. Try it out in game!

Using LightLoop

Using the /docs command supplied by the discord bot LightLoop, you can look up any function or API in Figura. Make sure to use the #bot-junk channel for your commands, though!

Using FIGS!!

FIGS!! is a GitHub page created by the member applejuice that pulls documentation straight from the game and is the most user-friendly out of the list. To access it, go to https://applejuiceyy.github.io/figs.

⚠️ Warning:
FIGS!! is an unofficial online documentation using official documentation from the in-game /figura docs command.