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pHD ▪ An intelligent manager for HolographicDisplays

⚠️ pHD replaces HolographicDisplays:LineTrackerManager with a modified version, in order to manage individual hologram visibility.


HolographicDisplays generates the holograms that are managed by pHD.

HolographicDisplays requires ProtocolLib to modify hologram visibility.

Soft dependencies

If Citizens is enabled, pHD ensures that player NPCs do not trigger the hologram visibility logic.

If LuckPerms is enabled, pHD uses LuckPerms data to populate tab-completion for the permission option.

If Multiverse-Core or MultiWorld is enabled, pHD loads after, and processes relevant world manager events, to ensure that all holograms in all worlds are registered.

Certification platforms for pHD 1.2.0

Certification platforms for pHD 1.1.0

Certification platforms for pHD 1.0.4

🚩 Reminder: Only certified releases are supported.

Files in plugins/pHD/

SQLITE schema

CREATE TABLE phd_hologram (
        hologram_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
        hologram_type VARCHAR(16) NOT NULL,
        activation_distance REAL DEFAULT -1.0,
        display_seconds INTEGER DEFAULT -1,
        clock_time VARCHAR(8),
        max_views INTEGER,
        permission VARCHAR(255),
        flash_on REAL DEFAULT -1.0,
        flash_off REAL DEFAULT -1.0,
        PRIMARY KEY (hologram_name, hologram_type)

CREATE INDEX phd_hologram_hindex ON phd_hologram ( hologram_name, hologram_type );

CREATE TABLE phd_player (
        player_UUID VARCHAR(36) NOT NULL,
        hologram_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
        hologram_type VARCHAR(16) NOT NULL,
        views INTEGER,
        PRIMARY KEY (player_UUID, hologram_name, hologram_type)

CREATE INDEX phd_player_pindex ON phd_player ( player_UUID );
CREATE INDEX phd_player_hindex ON phd_player ( hologram_name, hologram_type );