Iteration 4 Plan - Siripa-Maneein/ku-polls Wiki


The goal of this iteration is to allow others to install and run the application.


User can recreate the database and the polls using data fixtures.


  1. Data fixtures are created.
  2. Users can run the app in virtual environment.
  3. Instructions about how to install and how to run are correct.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. All code is worked in iteration4 branch and merged into main.
  2. Users can recreate the database and the polls using any database.
  3. db.sqlite3 was removed from main.
  4. All instructions are tested.
  5. The code was tested by flake8.

Retrospective Summary

  • Iteration 4

What went right:
The work is done in an expected duration of time.

What went wrong:
I didn't carefully check the instructions before merging, so when I tested it later and found a mistake, I have to merge again.

What can be improved:
I should be more careful when checking the work.