Zonemod - SirPlease/L4D2-Competitive-Rework Wiki


Zonemod is a config created and maintained by Sir and is as of writing, currently the only config with active to semi-active development.
Development started in 2017 and started with Acemod as a baseline, making changes from there on out.

Contributions are often made by other developers in the community, which come in the form of:

  • New plugins that provide new features.
  • Fixes for issues/exploits.
  • Extensions that provide more functionality and ease of access.
  • Map changes.


Zonemod has plenty of features and changes that drastically alter gameplay, with the aim of making the game much harder on survivors, but not impossible.
We'll be going over these down below.

General Features/Changes

  • Anti-Bait system.
    • If Survivors fail to progress (distance) for 15 seconds while all infected have spawns, a horde timer will appear that will call a horde spawn upon the Survivors if it runs all the way down.
  • Anti-Rush system.
    • Distance is frozen while a player-controlled Tank is alive, in order to prevent rushing for points on Tanks for an "easy win".
      • Survivors making it to the saferoom or the Tank passing to AI (or dying) will unfreeze the points.
  • MVP System, allowing players some insight into their performance (Damage done to SI, Common Infected, Tank, and Friendly Fire)
  • Ready-up System, allowing players to fully get ready.
    • You can simply press F1/F2, whatever your default Yes/No vote buttons are to toggle your ready status, or type !ready/!unready in chat.
  • Pause System, allowing players to pause the game for emergencies.
    • Both teams will need to have at least one person use !ready to unpause the game.
    • There's also an Autopause feature in place, which will trigger when a player crashes.

Scoring System

Scoring is now determined by multiple factors, rather than just distance and a tiebreaker.
Protip: Make use of the !mapinfo command in chat, or simply bind sm_mapinfo to a key.

  • Map Distance.
  • (Health Bonus + Damage Bonus) x Survivor Multiplier.
    • Health Bonus is a bonus pool that is 75% of (Map Distance x 2).
      • Damage done to permanent health (non-bleeding health) will lower this score.
    • Damage Bonus is the remaining 25% of (Map Distance x 2)
      • Damage done to temporary health (bleeding health) will lower this score. (Damage done to incapacitated players doesn't count)
      • Incapacitating a player will also lower this score.
  • Pill Bonus.
    • Pill Bonus is an additional bonus pool that simply consists out of how many pills the Survivors still have on them.
    • Bonus per Pill is 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 (Based on Map Distance, 15 being for 300, 20 for 400, etc.)


  • Tier 2 Weapons are removed, leaving just the uzis, shotguns, pistols, deagle and melee weapons in play.
    • Pump Shotgun changes:
      • 16 Pellets per shot, with 17 damage each (Vanilla: 10 Pellets, 25 damage)
      • Scatterpitch 3, Scatteryaw 5 (Vanilla: Scatterpitch **5, Scatteryaw 7.5)
      • Static bullet spread.
    • Chrome Shotgun changes:
      • Scatterpitch 4.5, Scatteryaw 5.5 (Vanilla: Scatterpitch 3, Scatteryaw 5)
      • Static bullet spread.
    • Uzi changes:
      • Spread per shot set to 0.26 (Vanilla: 0.32)
      • Maximum spread while moving set to 2.45 (Vanilla: 3)
      • Damage per shot set to 23 (Vanilla: 20)
      • Damage dropoff coefficient set to 0.78 (Vanilla: 0.84)
      • Reload speed set to 1.75s (Vanilla: 2.24s)
    • Silenced SMG changes:
      • Spread per shot set to 0.28 (Vanilla: 0.4)
      • Maximum spread while moving set to 2.6 (Vanilla: 3)
      • Damage dropoff coefficient set to 0.81 (Vanilla: 0.84)
      • Reload speed set to 1.92s (Vanilla: 2.24s)
    • Melee Weapon changes:
      • Melees do 210 damage to Tank per swing (Vanilla: 300)
      • Melees do 350 damage to Chargers and can't full level them anymore.
  • Uzis are limited to 3. (Counts both Uzi and Silenced SMG)
  • Shotguns are limited to 3. (Counts both Pump and Chrome Shotguns)
  • Deagle/Magnum is limited to 1.
  • All throwable items have been removed (Pipe bombs, molotovs, bile bombs)
  • All gascans and propane tanks removed.
  • Healthkits have been removed, Survivors receive pills after the round goes live.
  • There are a maximum of 2 Pain Pills spawns per map.
  • Pain Pills now apply temporary health overtime instead of instantly. (2HP every 0.1s for 2.5s)
  • Adrenaline has been removed.


  • Survivors are able to fire their guns while on ladders.
  • Survivors can reload their weapons on ladders, except for the shotgun.


  • General:

    • Quadcaps are possible.
    • Spawn Timers are set to 17s. (Vanilla: Random between 20s~30s)
    • Infected are no longer slowed down when being shot.
    • The Special Infected spawn rotation is static, meaning it can be predicted fully.
      • All Special Infected are numbered:
        • 1: Smoker.
        • 2: Boomer.
        • 3: Hunter.
        • 4: Spitter.
        • 5: Jockey.
        • 6: Charger.
      • You will have 4 of these spawns randomly selected on round start, the other two are setup in the "queue" in numerical order.
      • When a special infected dies, it gets added at the end of the queue, meaning that you can fully predict which special infected to expect next, if you have kept track of the order the special infected died in.
  • Common Infected:

    • Uncommon Infected have been removed. (Clown, Riotcop, Mudmen, etc.)
    • Random Hordes have been removed. (Vanilla: Every 90s~180s)
    • Set horde per biled Survivor to 15 (Vanilla: Random between 10~30)
    • Event Hordes (ie. Parish, Map 2 alarm) will come to a halt when a Tank is up, if Survivors continue pushing forward, the horde will resume.
  • Witch:

    • The witch has been removed.
      • This has been done because she's simply far too buggy in terms of pathing and targeting (increased issues due to changes to tickrate and nb_update_frequency which is needed to keep everything smooth for players that use low cl_interp.
  • Tanks:

    • The Tank will spawn on every map and will be randomly chosen between 20% and 85% distance.
      • Some maps have pre-determined tank spawns (ie. Sacrifice, Map 1).
      • Some maps have certain Tank spawn ranges banned as they are simply unbalanced.
    • Tank will still lose frustration even though the Survivors are in the saferoom.
    • Tank selection is no longer "random" in the way that it will select one player for every map, nobody gets to play multiple tanks unless a 5th map is played.
    • Tank is no longer passed to another player after the first pass ends, instead it will refresh the frustration.
      • If frustration drops to 0% again, it will pass to AI.
    • Tank is not slowed down by the Water.
    • Tank speed is set to 205 (Vanilla: 210)
    • Tank player will see a red flash if they're being hit by a melee to indicate that they're (likely) being hit by someone in their back.
    • Tank player can decide what type of rock to throw.
      • Shove: 1-Handed Overhand Rock.
      • Use: Underhand Rock.
      • Reload: 2-Handed Overhand Rock.
  • Charger:

    • Damage per punch set to 7. (Vanilla: 10)
    • Damage per slam on incapacitated Survivors set to 30. (Vanilla: 15)
  • Jockey:

    • Damage while riding has been set to 1 every 0.25s. (Vanilla: 4 every 1s)
    • Jockeys can't be resisted by Survivors.
    • Jockeys have their ability cooldown set to 12s after ledgehanging a Survivor. (Vanilla: 6s)
  • Spitter:

    • Spit damage does 2 damage per tick and has a maximum of 28 ticks lifetime. (Vanilla: Slowly ramps up from 0 to 5 the longer the spit puddle is active)
    • Spitter cooldown has been set to 16s. (Vanilla: 20)
    • Spitter is disabled while the Tank is alive, meaning it won't give you a spitter during Tank.
    • Certain areas spit will do no damage in as it would be far too overpowered (ie. Elevators)
  • Hunter

    • Hunter will no longer have their pounce interrupted when being shot while pouncing between walls.
    • Hunters can not be shoved while they're leaping (deadstops).
  • Smoker

    • Smoker pull damage set to 1 every 0.33s (Vanilla: 3 every 1s)