Easy way to start contribute our project - Simple-as-Coding/tutoring-platform Wiki

Members Guide

How to start step by step, from clone to first pull request
Requirements: Git, Github, IDE

First Step - Clone our project

  1. Open your IDE projects folder (Default located in user folder)
  2. Click Right Mouse Button(RMB) and choose open git bash here
  3. Clone remote repository by following command: git clone https://github.com/Simple-as-Coding/tutoring-platform.git
Done. Your local repository has been created. Now you can navigate to repository root folder by cd tutoring-platform

Second Step - Create your own feature branch

All features should be created on separated branch, if you are in root directory of tutoring-platform, follow these steps:
  1. Create new local branch by following command: git checkout -b "your-branch-name"
  2. You will be automatically moved to newly created branch. Now you can start working on your code.
*Note that branch names are important and should have intuitive names.

Third Step - Push & Pull Request

Once you're done with creating new feature for application follow these steps to share it with other contributors.
  1. Push your branch to remote server, first push require setting up upstream so follow with this command: git push -u origin "your-branch-name"
  2. After your first push, the upstream is set up, so you can make another push or multiple pushes with following command: git push
  3. Once you're done with all changes, you can make your first pull request. Follow to your github account & navigate to our organization > tutoring-platform repository.
  4. Click a green button called "Compare & pull request" located in line with your branch name.
  5. Fill topic with your functionality name, and add detailed description what it exactly does.
  6. At the end ensure yourself that everything is fine and click on "Create pull request" button.
  7. Now wait for Code Reviewer to merge your branch or inform you about required changes to be done before accepting it.

Collaborators Guide

How to start step by step, from clone to first pull request
Requirements: Git, Github, IDE