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Plastic Solutions Management Project Wiki

Project Overview

  • Description: The project is focused on delivering solutions within the temporary sanitation facilities industry, which is a critical part of the broader sanitation and environmental services sector. It plays a vital role in providing necessary sanitation for outdoor events, construction sites, and parks.
  • Significance: Addressing the highly commoditized nature of the industry with intense price competition, the project aims to enhance the company's market position through improved online presence and customer experience.
  • Problems Addressed: The project seeks to resolve issues such as poor website navigation usability, inconsistent alignment and visual disorder on web pages, and deficiencies in SEO and keyword optimization that affect user experience and product discoverability.

Goals and Objectives

Main Goals:

  • Improve website navigation usability to ensure users can easily locate information.
  • Enhance visual consistency and clarity on web pages to improve user interface and experience.
  • Optimize SEO and keyword strategies to increase online visibility and search rankings for products.


  • Identify and address navigation and layout issues through data analysis and user feedback.
  • Use tools like Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner for keyword analysis and optimization.
  • Increase keyword density and user experience through social media and content marketing.
  • Continuously improve project processes and outcomes using the 4-Step Retrospective method.

Project Scope

  • In-depth understanding of the industry and the company, including market positioning, product range, and customer demographics. Competitor analysis covering product range, online presence, and brand diversity.
  • Specific strategies and methodologies for user experience and SEO optimization.
  • Utilization of collaborative tools like Miro and Kanban for team collaboration and workflow management.
  • A data analytics workflow encompassing technical optimization, page improvements, feature adjustments, marketing resource allocation, acquisition strategy determination, and landing page optimization.

Team Members and Roles

Name Role Responsibilities
MySelf Project Manager Overall project management and coordination
... ... ...

Timeline and Milestones

Tasks and Progress

See Project view

Resources and Tools

  1. Miro
  2. Google Keyword Planner

Documentation and Reports


  1. project-management-softwar

  2. Project management made easy

  3. The Difference Between UX and UI Design: A Beginner’s Guide

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