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Winter 2022 - Telescope 3.0

The Seneca community develops and maintains the Telescope project. Over the past few years, this has included managing and shipping major releases 1.0 and 2.0 via the DPS911 and OSD700 course. During the Winter 2022 semester, we will continue this trend, as we work on shipping Telescope versions 2.5 through 3.0.


We will be doing a release roughly every two weeks on a Thursday:

  1. 2.5 Release Jan 20, 2022
  2. 2.6 Release Feb 3, 2022 - Planning
  3. 2.7 Release Feb 17, 2022
  4. 2.8 Release Mar 10, 2022
  5. 2.9 Release Mar 24, 2022
  6. 3.0-alpha Release Apr 7, 2022
  7. 3.0 Release Apr 21, 2022

Sheriff Schedule

Each week, two people are put on-call as Sheriff, overseeing the project's issues, PRs, CI, infrastructure, and leading meetings. A third backup Sheriff is also available in case of illness or other circumstances. See How to be a Sheriff.

Everyone on the team is required to take regular rotations as Sheriff and Backup, please sign-up and make sure every slot is filled.

Week Date Sheriff Sheriff Backup
1 Jan 10 David Humphrey
2 Jan 17 Tim Roberts Jia Hua Zou David Humphrey
3 Jan 24 Duc Bui Manh AmasiaNalbandian Tue Nguyen
4 Jan 31 A Serputov Alex Romanova Duc Bui Manh
5 Feb 7 Francesco Menghi Joel Azwar Kevan Yang
6 Feb 14 Kevan Yang Tue Nguyen Francesco Menghi
7 Feb 21 A Serputov
Study Week Feb 28
8 Mar 7 James Mai Duc Bui Manh A Serputov
9 Mar 14 Joel Azwar Roxanne Lee Tim Roberts
10 Mar 21 Amasia Nalbandian Gerardo Enrique Arriaga Rendon Jia Hua Zou
11 Mar 28 Hung Nguyen Tue Nguyen Gerardo Enrique Arriaga Rendon
12 Apr 4 Thanh Cong Van Diana Belokon Alex Romanova
13 Apr 11 Thanh Cong Van Diana Belokon
14 Apr 18 Thanh Cong Van


The 3.0 development work will be done by a mix of current and former students, as well as through community contributions. If you are actively contributing to Telescope, please add your name to the table below.

Name AKA Slack Username GitHub Blog
David Humphrey Dave @humphd humphd
Gerardo Enrique Arriaga Rendon Jerry @Jerry JerryHue
Joel Azwar @Joel Azwar joelazwar
Diana Belokon @Diana B. dbelokon
Duc Bui Manh @Duc Bui Manh Dukemanh
Roxanne Lee @Roxanne Lee rclee91
Francesco Menghi @Francesco menghif
Amasia Nalbandian @Amasia AmasiaNalbandian
Hung Nguyen @Hung Nguyen nguyenhung15913
Tue Nguyen @Tue Nguyen TueeNguyen
Manan Patel @Manan311 Manan311
Tim Roberts @Tim Roberts TDDR
Alex Romanova @Alex Romanova / Sirinoks sirinoks
Anatoliy Serputov @Anatoliy Serputov aserputov
Thanh Cong Van Steven @Thanh Van tcvan0707
Kevan Yang @Kevan Yang Kevan-Y
Luigi Zaccagnini @Luigi Zaccagnini LuigiZaccagnini
Phuoc Mai James @James Mai tpmai22
Jia Hua Zou @Jia Hua Zou JiaHua-Zou

The initial list of priorities, and areas of interest by person for Telescope 3.0 is also available.


A number of students have contributed significantly to Telescope's 1.0 and 2.0 releases, and are either still actively involved, or contribute sporadically. These people are a tremendous resource, since they know so much about the existing code (e.g., for questions, reviews, etc):

Name Slack Username GitHub Blog
Ana Garcia @A Garcia agarcia-caicedo
Josue Quilon Barrios @Josue manekenpix
Calvin Ho @c3ho c3ho
Ray Gervais @RayGervais raygervais
James Inkster @James Inkster grommers00
Cindy Le @Cindy Le cindyledev
Matthew Clifford @smilegodly smilegodly
Royce Ayroso-Ong @Royce rjayroso
Mohammed (Mo) Ahmed @Mohammed Ahmed Metropass
Anton Biriukov @Anton Biriukov birtony
Abdulbasid Guled @Abdulbasid Guled HyperTHD
Ilya Zhuravlev @Ilya Zhuravlev izhuravlev
Yuan-Hsi Lee @Yuan Lee yuanLeeMidori
Huy Nguyen @huynguyez huynguyez
Chris Pinkney @Chris Pinkney chrispinkney
Tony Vu @Tony Vu tonyvugithub
Pedro Fonseca @Pedro Fonseca PedroFonsecaDEV

OSD700/DPS911 Submissions

Release 2.5

Name Blog Posts (URLs) PRs (URLs)
Alex Romanova Week 1, Week 2 -
Francesco Menghi Week 1, Week 2 #2660 #2692
Tue Nguyen Week1, Week 2 -
Kevan Yang Week 1 Blog, Week 2 Blog #2652
Tim Roberts Week 1, Week 2 #2668, #2684
Luigi Zaccagnini Week 1, Week 2 -
Diana Belokon Blog :3 Blog2 :3 PR1, PR2
Gerardo Enrique Arriaga Rendon Week 1 Blog Post, Week 2 Blog Post #2654, #2656
Roxanne Lee Week 1, Week 2 #2681
Hung Nguyen Blog 2, Blog 2 #2669
Jia Hua Zou Week 1 -
Thanh Cong Van Week 1, Week 2 #2693
James Mai Week 1 Week 2 PR-1 PR-2
Amasia Nalbandian Continuing Open Source, Pathway to Tel 3.0 PR 1 My oopsie PR
Anatoliy Serputov Week 1, Week 2 -
Duc Bui Manh Week 1 -
Joel Azwar Week 1, Week 2.5 -

Release 2.6

Name Blog Posts (URLs) PRs (URLs)
Alex Romanova Week 3 #2716 #2740
Tim Roberts Week 3 -

Release 2.7

Name Blog Posts (URLs) PRs (URLs)

Release 2.8

Name Blog Posts (URLs) PRs (URLs)

Release 2.9

Name Blog Posts (URLs) PRs (URLs)

Release 3.0-alpha

Name Blog Posts (URLs) PRs (URLs)

Release 3.0

Name Blog Posts (URLs) PRs (URLs)