User specific Log Level - SchwarzIT/sap-usi-logging-api Wiki

Table name: /USI/BAL_LV_USER Maintained via: SM30

If the Product specific Log Level does not produce a log, that is verbose enough to analyze an issue, it can be overwritten as a current setting.

You can change these settings directly in the productive system.


The structure of all customizing tables has been documented in a unified format.

General Information explains how this documentation is to be read.

Fieldname Fieldtype Filter-Priority Description
MANDT Key Client
UNAME Key User affected by the issue to analyze
ENDDA Key Expiration date of the entry. Only entries having an ENDDA LE SY-DATUM will be considered.
LOG_OBJECT Filter 1 Log object
SUB_OBJECT Filter 2 Sub object
LOG_LEVEL Data Assigned Log-Level
AUTO_SAVE Data ABAP_TRUE: Overwrite AUTO_SAVE_PACKAGE_SIZE with 1 (Product specific Log Level)


If no suitable customizing can be found, the following default values will be applied.

Fieldname Default
LOG_LEVEL 0 (Log completely deactivated)


Setting the auto-save flag saves all messages directly.

This is particularly useful if an application fails to call the save method, for example, due to dumps or infinite loops over multiple modularization units. Setting the auto-save flag can be very helpful in narrowing down the possible causes of the problem.

Setting the flag has a negative impact on performance, as every single message is directly written to the database.