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Table name: /USI/BAL_LV_RTIM Maintained via: SM30

The logging API can produce a huge amount of log data, that needs to be deleted as soon, as nobody needs it anymore. The SAP Standard deletion report SLG2 will delete Logs, as soon, as they are expired. You can maintain the retention periods for your logs in table /USI/BAL_LV_RTIM.


The structure of all customizing tables has been documented in a unified format.

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Fieldname Fieldtype Filter-Priority Description
LOG_LEVEL Key Log-Level
LOG_OBJECT Filter 1 Log object
SUB_OBJECT Filter 2 Sub object
RETENTION_TIME Data Retention time in days. Expiration date = SY-DATUM + X.
NO_EARLY_DELETE Data If set, deleting the log before the expiration date is forbidden (Affects transaction SLG2).


If no suitable customizing can be found, the following default values will be applied.

Fieldname Default