Exception Mappers - SchwarzIT/sap-usi-logging-api Wiki

Table name: /USI/BAL_CX_MAP Maintained via: SM30

Exception mappers allow to extract the text from an exception and to create data containers for that exception using its instance attributes. You can also use them, to manually create data containers. If these data containers would be created by the API automatically (e.g. the exception source position container), the API will use the container delivered by the exception mapper.


The structure of all customizing tables has been documented in a unified format.

General Information explains how this documentation is to be read.

Fieldname Fieldtype Filter-Priority Description
EXCEPTION_CLASS Key Class or Interface, that will be handled by the mapper
MAPPER_CLASS Data Classname of the assigned mapper

Finding the most suitable entry

When evaluating the customizing entries, the following priorities apply:

Priority Description
1 Entries for the class itself
2 Entries for non-inherited interfaces of the exception class (e.g. IF_T100_MESSAGE)
3 Entries for the superclass (recursive check)


If no suitable customizing can be found, the following default values will be applied.

Fieldname Default