How To Use - SaxbyMod/APComputerScience-CreateTask-Assignment GitHub Wiki

How To Use:


  1. Run the Executable.
  2. Enter the title of the book you want to read as listed in the console.
  3. Read away, Note: < means go to the prior page X means close the page and > means go to the next page in the book.


  1. Open The Books Folder.
  2. Make a new folder with any name you want, Just cannot be the same as one already in the folder.
  3. Starting at 0.txt make new text files for each page in the the book the maximum amount of lines per page is 35 with a max line length of 86. If your story has chapters add Chapter: [REPLACEMEWITHYOURNAME] on the first line of each page in that chapter meaning you'll have 34 lines instead.