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Cleaning blackboards or whiteboards consumes a lot of time while teaching. We here propose an automated blackboard, whiteboard cleaning mechanism that cleans entire boards automatically with just a button click. Our system uses a set of frames, brackets, supporting rods, Dusters, motor, sliders and driving circuitry in order to achieve this mechanism. The system is designed to save a lot of time and unnecessary effort needed in cleaning boards. It is designed to clean boards in a less than half the time required to clean the blackboard/whiteboard by a human. For this purpose we use dusters mounted on shafts which are inturn connected on a supporting frame . These shafts are connected in such a way, so as to provide a proper circular cleaning motion that is needed for cleaning the board. We now use a motor to drive these shafts in required direction. Now we also need to ensure entire board gets cleaned. So we use a pair of sliders to mount the upper and lower part of frame in that section. We now use a second motor to drive the entire duster frame in a horizontal motion so that we get the entire board cleaned as the frame reaches the other end of the board. Thus we put forward the design and fabrication of an automatic blackboard/whiteboard cleaner mechanism.



WORKING OF AUTOMATIC BLACKBOARD ERASER In the working of automatic blackboard Eraser as the power is supplied to the motor the shaft of themotor stars rotating. A gearbox is connected to the motor shaft is connected by another gear.Thus movement of these gears rotates the wheel axil by which both the upper and lower wheels startrotating. By the rotation of these shafts, the wheels which is mounted on these guideways in horizontaldirection, the wheels also start running. A duster which is mounted on this wheels starts reciprocating to and fro, thus clean the board. A switch is provided for to and fro motion of the duster. In this fast growing world there are differentnew technologies adopted to increase work rate in minimum time period. Thus, automatic blackboard duster is also a new technology for cleaning the board automatically in minimum time period.










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  1. Install automation in operations reduce time.
  2. Easy and fast operation with maximum wiping area
  3. High degree of accuracy.
  4. Problem of dust can be reduced.
  5. Maintenance cost is less
  6. Simple in construction and operating
  7. FUTURE SCOPE This Project can be further modified into a gesture controlled eraser by using camera and DSP processors so as to identify the movement of the user’s hand and make the duster do so.This project can also be modified to clean glass as present on high buildings which is a very risky job for any human perform.


Now, considering the system is in use and the teacher wants to rub the board. When the teacher switch on the supply, current is passed to the 18V adapter and then it passes through Arduino. This ARDUINO provides signal to the driver module at a specific time interval. To drive the motor a DRIVER MODULE (L293D) has been used. It receives the signal coming from the ARDUINO & change the polarity of the motor for which the direction of the motor changes. To sense the distance and time specified by ARDUINO, a sonar sensor is used, hence the motor rotates in both clock-wise & anti-clockwise direction. Due to the rotation of the shaft of the motor, the pinion connected to it also rotates which in turn the rack moves in translatory direction along the whiteboard. A brush holder is attached to the end of the rack with a nut & bolt. To clean the white board smoothly a brush of better quality has been used which is attached to the brush holder. The brush moves from the upper portion to the lower portion of the board and get rubbed due to the friction between board surface and brush


The slider crank mechanism is a typical mechanical linkage that changes rotational motion into linear motion or the other way around. It is widely used in various applications, including internal combustion engines, pumps and compressors, presses, robotics, toy cars, and human-powered vehicles. The slider-crank mechanism consists of three main components: a crank, a connecting rod, and a slider. The crank is a rotating shaft driven by a motor or other power source. The connecting rod is a linear link that connects the crank to the slider. The slider is a sliding element that moves back and forth along a straight line. As the crank rotates, it drives the connecting rod and slider through a series of pivot points, causing the slider to move back and forth. The speed and distance of the slider's movement can be controlled by adjusting the connecting rod's length, the crank's speed, or the pivot points' position.







It is observed that the time of complete cleaning of the board using this system is average 5.975 sec. On the other hand while using the manual process the time of cleaning is about 25 sec which is about four times of the machine time. So proposed whiteboard cleaner takes less time than other previous models. It creates less noise than other motorized cleaners. Sufficient pressure has been induced during the operation due to the attachment of brush to the side reels of whiteboard which helps to clean the board very effectively and efficiently. Change of brush is very easy and it does not affect any other parts while changing. This system is only applicable to whole board cleaning. Partial cleaning of the board is not possible through this system. Though there is some lagging in to start the motor, but averagely it is optimum


Compared with manually wipe, smart wipe has a good effect and runs smooth with good reaction speed. The rate of rotation of the motor can be set in accordance with the requirements of the wiping speed to suit the requirements of different occasions. The smart eraser has a simple structure, easy to operate, easy to obtain raw materials, manufacturing equipment simple process. Its Control functions, and less susceptible to interference, high reliability, ease of use, can make products with high performance and low cost. The product is suitable for large, medium and small institutions, the promotion of certain significance.