5. Conceptual Design and Architecture. - S-Division-2022-2023-Odd/Repo-03 GitHub Wiki

5.1 Eshtablishing Functions:

Sl.No. List of all Identified functions
1 Switch ON the Machine
2 Draw multiple patterns
3 Sensing the paper
4 Hold the Pen
5 Hold the Paper
6 Draw Patterns
7 Indicate Process Completion

5.2 Eshtablishing Means-Morphological Chart

Sl.No. Functions Means Means Means Means
1 Drawing Patterns XY Plotterimage Linkage Mechanismimage Moving Botimage Linkage Mechanismimage
2 Switch On Buttonimage Remoteimage Switchimage Switch buttonimage
3 Holding the Pen Magnetimage Pen Holderimage Nut &Boltimage Robotic Clampimage
4 Lifting the Pen image image image image
5 Holding Paper Clipimage Pinimage Paper Pinimage Suction Cupimage
6 Input System Mobileimage Keypadimage Remoteimage Laptopimage
7 Sense the paper IR Sensorimage LiDARimage Capacitive Sensorimage Proximity Sensorimage
8 Indicate process completion LED Lightimage Speakerimage Buzzerimage Display on screenimage

5.3Pugh Chart:

Design Objective Weight Design1 Design 2 Design 3 Design 4
Safety 7 Datum ++ + +
Ease of Use 6 Datum ++ 0 +
Portability 7 Datum ++ - 0
Use of Standard Parts 8 Datum + 0 -
Cost 6 Datum ++ - 0
Score 0 60 -6 5

Subsystem Chart


Sub system list

  1. Initiate the process
  2. Input to the system
  3. Machine unit

Interaction Details:

I. Initiating the process:

Interaction Input Machine unit
Spatial No Yes
data No No
Material No Yes


Interaction Initiating Machine unit
Spatial No No
Material No No
data No Yes

III.Machine unit:

Interaction Initiating Input
Spatial Yes No
Material Yes No
data No Yes