Beta Release 30 - Robosturm/Commander_Wars GitHub Wiki

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Patch 1 Notes:

  • Fixed palettes not loading for maps or savegames created in Beta 29.x
  • Fixed aw ds boat units not able to move across lakes
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong view player was used in multiplayer matches, disabling some inputs and granting vision of things you shouldn't see
  • Fixed aw2 lab mission victory conditions not including routing the enemy
  • Fixed initially loaded palette not applied on clients
  • improved handling of float values representing the charged bar and health of units. They get floored now preventing potential async behaviour.
    • this might break replays in a very view rare race conditions made with older releases
  • improved palette handling when placing rivers, pipelines etc. on tiles with a different palette in the editor
  • added initial code to save and reload the dedicated server --> currently under test for feature updates of the server.
    • So running games can be migrated to a new version
  • small boats can now cross river bridges
  • updated to qt 6.4.3. This should fix a couple of issues related to windows sound replaying


  • added support for terrain palettes. Meaning you can play the same map with different styles
  • running games on the dedicated server now have a green text if it's your turn in that match

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AW1 and AW2 campaign missing victory conditions
  • Fixed replays not working
  • Fixed bg infatry shrinking while moving
  • fixed aw1 and aw ds using powers not working
  • fixed caulder not working as intended in aw1, aw2 and awds mod
  • fixed several issues related to the dedicated server not working as intended
  • fixed a bug where units had no ammo and fuel in the map editor