2021_CommunitySurveyResults - RoboCupAtHome/RuleBook Wiki

Survey Questions and Answers

There were 27 respondents to the survey in total. The questions and provided answers are given below.

1. Research and competition experience

What is your research experience?

Research experience distribution

What is your area of research within robotics and/or AI?

Are you currently or have you previously been a member of a team participating in [email protected] or similar competitions?

Competition experience distribution

If you answered "Yes" to the question above, what was/is the main motivation for participating in the competition?

Motivation for participation

In the above diagram, the options are:

If you answered "No", what would motivate you to participate in the competition?

2. Competition focus

Which of the following aspects are the most important to cover in a domestic robot competition? Please select up to three answers.

Important aspects

The options in the above diagram are:

How can a competition such as [email protected] benefit your research activities the most?

Do you have any concrete suggestions about research areas and tasks/benchmarking scenarios that should be included in the competition?

Are there any important aspects about service robots that you find particularly underrepresented in [email protected] or similar competitions?

Are there any additional comments you would like to add about robotics competitions in general or [email protected] in particular?