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Type udp in the Wireshark filter text box. You will see multiple packets information. 

Answer the following questions:

  1. (4 pts) What is/ are the protocol(s) listed in the Wireshark window? WireGuard, DNS, UDP, STUN, BT-DHT, SSDP
  1. (4 pts) Select any one UDP packet and check how many fields you can see in UDP header? What are they? 8, Source Port, Destination Port, Length, Checksum, Checksum Status, Steam index, Timestamps, UDP payload
  1. (4 pts) Write the corresponding values of the UDP header fields of that packet. Source Port : 56334, Length : 152, Checksum : 0xcf14 [unverified], [checksum status : unverified], [stram index : 2], [timestamp : 2 diffent values], UDP payload : 114 bytes
  1. (4 pts) Examine a pair of DNS packets in which the first packet is sent from your host and the second packet is the reply from the server. What difference you can see in the DNS portion of the two packets? packekets are smaller, source port is comming from port 443 https, but on the one leaving from my computer is 51007 and stream index and time are also different

UPD from my compter UDP from my computer Image

UDP to my computer UDP to my computer Image