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• Owner: The owner will be the main user of the project and will have admin privileges for the product. The majority of the project's requirements will be obtained through the owner.

• Employees: Employees are the other kind of user and will use the product to log hours receive pay and log client appointments. They will be unable to modify the system but their experiences with the project will be used to improve the project.

• Software developers: Software developers will create the project and be responsible for its maintenance once the project is completed.

User Characteristics

The users that will be using the product will have at least a high school education and have general knowledge of hair products. They will have minimal experience with technology and software. Finally, all users of the product will work for or own the hair salon Shear Image.

Elicitation Plan

Interviews of multiple stakeholders. Question 1: How should the project look visually, such as through color schemes or images?

Question 2: What do you consider to be a priority when using your older software SalonIris?

Question 3: Are there any features from SalonIris you wanted to be copied over to the new project?

Question 4: How often do you use the product on a given day?

Question 5: What data in the project requires high security if any?


I will make a prototype in python using Pycharm and I will use it as an example to see what parts of the project will take the longest and what parts will be quick to better plan the project. I will also use it to give the Owner of Shear Image a better idea of what I will be making.

User stories.

I plan to gather the data for user stories by observing the project's users using the salon's previous software SalonIris. I will write down notes on how they use the product and form user stories for the project based on those notes finally the stories will be documented on notecards that I can quickly read.


I will observe the users use the salon's old software SalonIris to get a better idea of what the users will need for the project and to gather data on users' preferences when using the software.