Remote Desktop - Record-Linking-Lab/computer-vision Wiki

Remote Desktop

For those of that are working remotely, we have the supercomputer (which is accessible anywhere) and the remote desktop to access the V: drive. To connect to the remote desktop, you'll need a few things.

  1. BYU's global protect VPN
  2. RDGW server
  3. Destination computer

Global Protect

Use the following article from the OIT Knowledge Base to get setup on the VPN:

RDGW server

If you're using Windows, open up the "Remote Desktop Connection" application. Click "Show Options" at the bottom, then the "Advanced" tab on the top, "Settings" under "Connect from anywhere", then the "Use these RD Gateway server settings" option. Enter in "" for the server name and set logon method to "Allow me to select later". Hit OK.

Destination computer

Currently, under the "General" tab, the computer to connect to is "FHSS-CS2". This has changed in the past, so I suspect it could change again. Email Dr. Price if the connection isn't working as it should.


You'll have to login at several points to access the remote desktop. With most of the logins, you'll also be given a push on DUO to authenticate. Make sure you don't miss a DUO push because it will stop the connection with a message similar to "You don't have access to this resource". You do, just make sure you are checking your phone.