6. Full Config - RealDeviceMap/RealDeviceMap Wiki

Docker Usage

If you want to use Full Json Config, pls remove environment block from yml. Yml overwrites local, local overwrites default.

Download local.example.json (next to your yml or in a directory of your choice) and modifiy it if needed.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RealDeviceMap/RealDeviceMap/master/resources/config/local.example.json -O local.json

Don't forget to embed this file in docker-compose.yml as volume, adapt first part (before :) if your local.json is not located next to your yml.

Non-Docker Usage

Config files are located in resources/config. Keep default.json unchanged (use it as reference).

cd resources/config/ && cp local.example.json local.json


  "logger": {
    "logLevel": "info",                        // debug, info, warning -> possible values for logger level
    "rawDebug": {
      "enabled": false,                        // show protos raw in logs, only visible on log level debug
      "types": [                               // choose wisely which type of protos raw you want to log -> huge amount of data
  "server": {                                  // server settings
    "host": "",
    "port": 9000
  "webhookServer": {                           // device api webhook settings
    "host": "",
    "port": 9001
  "database": {                                // configure access to your DB, depends on your usage (with or without Docker)
    "host": "db",
    "port": 3306,
    "database": "rdmdb",
    "user": "rdmuser",
    "password": "",
    "rootUser": "root",
    "rootPassword": "",
    "backup": true
  "application": {
    "rawThreadLimit": 100,
    "account": {
      "requireInDB": true,                      // Account info is required to be stored in RDM - used for quest jobs 
      "useRwForQuest": false,                   // use Accounts with Red Warning for quest scanning
      "useRwForRaid": false,                    // use Accounts with Red Warning for raid circle scanning
      "useRwForPokes": false                    // use Accounts with Red Warning for pokemon scanning
    "loginLimit": {
      "enabled": false,                         // login limit is used to prevent IP-Ban on devices 
      "count": 15,                              // e.g. 15 possible logins within a fixed timeframe of 300 seconds
      "interval": 300
    "map": {
      "generateImages": true,                   // generate combined images/icons for pokestops/gyms for front-end
      "ivWeatherClearing": true,                // clear IV on weatherchange
      "saveCellPokemon": true,                  // save cell mons, no fix position, use s2 cell center coordinates
      "scanLureEncounter": false,               // enable scanning of lure mon
      "saveSpawnPointLastSeen": false           // when spawnpoint is seen update last_seen to monitor active points
    "memoryCache": {
      "enabled": true,                          // use for backend to keep track of pokemon, pokestop, gym, etc. to prevent DB-Fetches
      "clearInterval": 900,
      "keepTime": 3600
    "pvp": {
      "enabled": true,
      "levelCaps": [50],
      "defaultRank": "ordinal",                 // choose the default rank - wiki/8.-FAQ#pvp-settings
      "filterLittleMinCP": 450,                 // exclude if Hundo does not reach MinCP for levelCap
      "filterGreatMinCP": 1400,                 // set the MinCP for each league you want
      "filterUltraMinCP": 2350
    "webhook": {
      "endpointTimeout": 30,
      "endpointConnectTimeout": 30
    "quest": {
        "allowARQuests": true,                  // It will block AR geotargeting quest from being saved so it gets rescanned if set to false
        "questRetryLimit": 10,                  // retry limit per stop to retrieve quest data
        "spinDistance": 80                      // option to change spin distance for stops, if it ever changes again you can update it
    "stopAllBootstrapping": false               // allows quest instances to skip their bootstrap and just scan the available pokestops from DB.