VRChat Avatar Menu - Raphiiko/IBControl GitHub Wiki

To control the display brightness of your Valve Index using a radial menu in VRChat, you can add the menu to your VRChat avatar as follows:

Installation Guide

1. Import VRCFury into your project.

  1. Download the latest version of VRCFury.

  2. Import the package, by dragging it into Unity.

2. Import the package

  1. Download the latest Unity Package for the expression menu.

  2. Import the package, by dragging it into Unity.

3. Add the expression menu to your avatar

From your assets, in the Oyasumi/ExpressionMenu folder, drag "IBControl VRC Menu [VRCFury]" onto your avatar. Unity_0oSGLm6Dc3

4. Upload your avatar

Not much more to it!

5. Enable OSC and reset your avatar config.

For the new parameters to become controllable over OSC, you have to enable OSC in VRChat, and reset your avatar config. You can do this as follows:

  1. Open your expression menu and choose "Options", then "OSC"
  2. Enable OSC with the toggle
  3. Go back to "Options", then "OSC"
  4. Choose "Reset Config" from the same menu.


Assuming you've enabled OSC Control, you should now be able to control your display brightness from within VRChat!