OSC Control - Raphiiko/IBControl GitHub Wiki

IBControl allows you to control the display brightness value of your Valve Index over OSC!

Note: If you're just looking to control the display brightness using a radial menu on your VRChat avatar, please read the page on the VRChat Avatar Menu instead!


Here you will find the addresses that you can send messages to, which IBControl will handle.


Sets the display brightness to the given percentage.

A single int or float value can be sent. If it is out of bounds, the provided brightness will be clamped to the nearest supported brightness. For a standard Valve Index, the supported range is 20% - 160%. If a float is provided, it will be rounded to the nearest integer.


Used for controlling the display brightness from a VRChat radial menu. It functions the same as /IBControl/Brightness, but only accepts a float ranging from 0 to 1. The percentage this maps to, depends on the range set by the user configuration. By default, this is the full range of 20% - 160%. (Ex. assuming default configuration, sending a float of 0.5 to this address would set the display brightness to 70%.