2. Components - Randev-ar/random-style Wiki

Learn how and why we build nearly all our components responsively and with base and modifier classes.

Base classes

random-style’s components are largely built with a base-modifier nomenclature. We group as many shared properties as possible into a base class, like .btn, and then group individual styles for each variant into modifier classes, like .btn-primary or .btn-success.

To build our modifier classes, we use Sass’s @each loops to iterate over a Sass map. This is especially helpful for generating variants of a component by our $theme-colors and creating responsive variants for each breakpoint. As you customize these Sass maps and recompile, you’ll automatically see your changes reflected in these loops.

Check out our Sass maps and loops docs for how to customize these loops and extend Bootstrap’s base-modifier approach to your own code.


Many of random-style’s components are built with a base-modifier class approach. This means the bulk of the styling is contained to a base class (e.g., .btn) while style variations are confined to modifier classes (e.g., .btn-danger). These modifier classes are built from the $theme-colors map to make customizing the number and name of our modifier classes.

Pre-declared colors