2 12 2024 Tech Team Report - QualitativeDataRepository/TechnicalTeam GitHub Wiki


Logged Tasks

                            Date             Task Hours (Main) Hours (EOLS) Hours (PII) Hours (QDAS)
5-Feb-2024 Update vpn client, fix config, reporting, investigate/block attack on prod DV, investigate continuing java prefs log messages/update asana issue, start editing reg form 3 1
6-Feb-2024 Update tika (sec), poi in Dataverse, test, check blocked ip, investigate/fix metrics issue due to harvesting PR/revert, merge latest develop, fix merge issues, deploy to dev. 4
7-Feb-2024 Merge dev into 6.1-qdr, deploy to stage, spot check 500 errors from attack, add Username to reg form, test, add username and email to profile view, add email to profile edit view, only for admins, investigate where to do validation and saving. 1 4
8-Feb-2024 Drupal sec updates for composer, update to 10.2.3, investigate build failures after changes 4
9-Feb-2024 Investigate search including from and id, try solr config changes, coord 2


  • Updated my VPN client and config
  • Investigated/blocked an attack on prod (>500K http calls, of which ~360K blocked)
  • Reported continuing Java pref log messages in Asana


  • Updated reg form to include Username, updated profile view with Username/email and made email editable by admins


  • Updated to 10.2.3, updated composer for sec.
  • Investigated failures in build w/o resolution so far


  • Updated tika (sec), poi libraries
  • Investigate/fix metrics issue w.r.t. error seen in log due to changes in Harvesting and subsequent reversion at IQSS
  • Merged latest ~6.1.1 Dataverse
  • Investigate search issues related to full-text - identify solrconfig changes as the issue




  • Build issues with new composer
  • Discuss challenges w.r.t. email changes and social logins - see if admin changing is OK
  • FYI : Keycloak 23.0.6 on all machines, solr config updated on all


  • Continue working on authentication issue #43(non-email account id, MFA, etc.)
  • Work on metadata issue #44 (more metadata to DataCite, etc.)
  • Fix Stata-14 ingest by allowing file inspection during direct upload or adjusting the Stata ingester.
  • Fix #113 if possible
  • Matomo - investigate event-level tracking via tag manager, remove non-working google scripts
  • AnnoRep - explore round-trip, configure auto-start and log rotation
  • Ops
    • check missing globalidcreationdates and fix via /modifyRegistration or alternative
  • Dataverse
    • Make PR for guestbook adding datasetversion fix
    • Popup info accessibility - IQSS likes the recommendations from the source I linked to, so this can be implemented along those lines.
  • QDAS Previewer
    • Updates per request
    • Investigate writing aux file/previewing lower-sensitivity version and/or other write options
  • TBD: FRDR Security