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To work with Vue.js, here are the detailed steps to ensure Node.js is installed, clone the repository, and open the source folder in the integrated terminal:

  1. Ensure Node.js is Installed:

  2. Clone the Repository:

  3. Open the Source Folder in Integrated Terminal:

    • Open your code editor (e.g., Visual Studio Code).
    • Click on File > Open Folder... and select the folder of the cloned repository.
    • Once the folder is opened in the code editor, navigate to the source folder (usually named src).
    • Right-click on the src folder and select Open in Integrated Terminal.
  4. Install Dependencies and Run the Project:

    • In the integrated terminal, run the following command to install the project dependencies:
      npm install
    • After the dependencies are installed, start the development server:
      npm run serve
    • This will start the Vue.js development server, and you can view your application in the browser

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