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Engineering Exploration

Musical bot

Need Statement:-

A School in Hubbali wishes to set up a musical instrument room .To build craze among kids ,the school is looking for some robots that can play musical instrument and entertain the kids

Musical Instument- Keyboard.

TASK 1: Results table for Individual work for Akash Kumar-:

S.NO Link address List the products features, what all it does(DO NOT PASTE. Write in own words) Mechanical components Electronic components
1 https://youtu.be/vFC7ya5Q5n4 Working: 1.Servo:used for the movement of the finger and for slider. 2.Wooden cardboard::on which will be mounted a finger servo. 3.Aluminium flashing:holding finger servo. 4.Ardino uno:takes the input reading and turn into a output- operating motor. 5.Fishing pole:used as sliding rails 1.Aluminium flashing 2.Fishing pole 3.Tool box 4.Wooden cardboard 1. 2 servo 2.Ardrino Uno 3.usb cable 4.keyboard
2 https://youtu.be/-6KD3dyWLP8 Working: 1.Aluminium rods:rods on which solenoids will be mounted2.Solonoids:for pressing the key and playing the tune 3.Ardino mega 2500: takes input musical codes and gives the out put tones. 4.Control box: used for housing arduino mega 2500 with its ends open for wires. 5.jumper wire: for wiring purposes. 1Aluminium rods 2.Solonoids 3.screws 4.Control box 1.Ardrino mega 2500 2.USB cable 3..keyboard 4.Jumper wire