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Need statement:

SC hardware industry needs an automatic nuts,bolts and drill bits sorter depending on dimensions ,weights etc. Introduction

The project that we are to do is nuts and bolts sorter. This is a machine that is capable of separating the nuts and bolts when poured into the machine . This is basically comes under mechatronics which involves mechanics, electronics and computing. The information is collected from various sources like youtube channel, google and various other sources. The main function of the machine is to separate all nuts and bolts as soon as when we add the nuts to the sorter.


Nuts , Bolts , slider crank, Dc motor , servo motor, weighing machine, funnel


When the nuts are poured into the funnel,they fall on the weighing machine through the rotating disc with the help of servo motor and the weight sensor load cell in the weighing machine will detect the weight og nuts and bolts and display them ,the slider crack mechanism then works to push the nuts and bolts and hence separate them


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  [4] .https://www.instructables.com/Automatic-Screw-Sorter/  

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