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1 Conveyor belt-Toucghed ldler,electrical motor,return idler,sole plate, V-plough scraper,locking element,tail pulley,drive motors Tail or takeup pulley, Feed chute,Loading skirts,Troughed converyor belt,head pulley and drive, steel frame, loading skirts, drive rollers HONEY COMB BELT MECHANISM, the belt will be SKID base or ROTATES around them Transport products in a straight line, reduces the human efforts https://youtu.be/o7VVmtX7SKs Ananya Hampimath
2 Sensors-Resistive,inductive,and capacitive transducers,milivolt,amplified voltage and 4-20mA,arduino,arduino uno,detector interfacing Bar magnets in cap,reed switch,nRF51422 system-on-a-chip,a single rechargeable battery,two part capacitive sensor,rectangular copper sheets QANTUM TUNNELING COMPOSITES,TACTILE COMMUNICATION,TRIPPING MECHANISM Senses the bottle,and it restrict the over flow of it https://youtu.be/1LdD2qGaYTI Ananya Hampimath
3 Discharge Nozzle-Series B0461,Gas type-LG 01,LG 55,LG 100,LG 541,CO2 Capping motor head,Narrow pipes,polyvinylchloride,polypropylene,polyvinylidenefluoride INTERNAL FLOW MECHANISM,NOZZLE FLUSHING MECHANISM Distribute the clean agent in a uniform,pre-determined pattern and concentration https://youtu.be/c81UCtP2rh0 Ananya Hampimath
4 Control board circuit-A4988 stepper motor driver,6-1kilo home registers,,220 ohm register,12 volt dc relays,2 led,dc547 transistors,dc power jack,12mm dectile switch,5V voltage regulator,4-2 terminal blocks,220mF capacitor,107 diodes,pcb Switch or a power button to control the current flowRubber holders if needed,sodaring gun Components are mounted with small PATHWAY called TRACES. these TRACES allow the electrical components across the bord to function To run the system https://youtu.be/Pd754nSIr_E Medini Markande
5 Wheel,dc current,hub of whee Nuts,bolts,gears,springs,belts and pulleys,composites LORENTZ FORCE MECHANISM,ROTATIORY MECHANISM To makes work like it reduces the effort to lift or to transfer load,wheels along with axle holds up the load so moving force for the object https://youtu.be/gU7vlhU1HvU Medini Markande
6 Water poaring System-Resistors,capacitors, light emitting diode,transistors,inductors,fuse,relay,electrical wires and power cables mounting brackets,20ml medical serienge,pipe for air pump,12 volt water pump Insertation of a IR sensor allows the exite flow of water,PUMPING UP MECHANISM is used It despense the water,helps in commercial industries https://youtu.be/2Hz9KbxDWls Medini Markande
7 Dc motor-Electrical components,Stator,Rotor yoke,poles,field winding,brushes,pole shoe,yoke of frame,commutators Mechanical force arises,and simple mechanism of rotations THe dynamic part of a Dc motor is the rotor that creats the mechanical rotations of the bunits,and helps to rotate the system https://youtu.be/CWulQ1ZSE3 Manjunath
8 Robotic arm Internal sensors like Infra,Digital I/O and controllers Feedback devices,controllers like joints and arms like structers,locomotive devices,lower arms,wrist,gripper,lift units,support unit Mechanisms- GRAVITATIONAL AND INERTIAL FORCE OF COUNTERWEIGHT MOUNTED OR LINKS Holding the grocery bags opening door,holding a coffee cup or any others objectives,temporaily holding excess equipments https://youtu.be/_B3gWd3A_SI Manjunath
9 Liquid container valve-simple types of systems like electrical knob,E2,E3 components hand wheel,stem,Glandfollower,gland packing,bonnet,body,wedge,seat ring MECHANISM-TUBE TYPEo or TYPE OF MECHANICAL DRIVE SIMPLE and DOWN FLOW MECHANISM controls the flow of the liquidand a presser within the process,its usualy located at the two end of the container https://youtu.be/-MLGr1_Fw0c Manjunath
10 Solenoid valve-disc,coil,,solenoid valve,dc motors core spring,core tube,diaphragm,seal,seat,bonnet,fixed core MECHANISM-GENERATE A MAGNETIC FIELD CREATS LINEAR MOTION FROM ELECTRICAL CURRENT Opening and closing of an orifice in a valve body,and prevents the over flow of the valve https://youtu.be/bx9e-4NCRUw Ujwal Rachoti
11 Photo electric sensor-Emitter,Receivers,Amplifier,Controller,OMRON LED and phototransistor MECHANISM- primarily of an EMITTER for emitting light,RECEIVRfor receiving light used to determine the distance,absence,or presence of an object by using a light transmitter,often INFRARED, PHOTOELECTRICTRIC RECIEVERS https://youtu.be/Rf2ymqBDvF8 Ujwal Rachoti