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Given the amount of questions regarding All The Mods 9 there are because Stargate Journey works slightly differently with that modpack, it seems there is a need for a separate guide that fully explains all differences present. Here they are:


World Generation


All The Mods 9 uses the Common Stargates Datapack, which changes the world generation in such a way that Stargates generate approximately 64 chunks apart on average, as opposed to once per Dimension (which is how Stargate Journey does it normally).


Due to a bug making the Buried Stargate hard to find, Cartouches with the Abydos Address would generate around the Overworld on older versions of ATM9: 2023-10-07_17 16 39


Stargate Journey progression in ATM9 is the same as normally, except with the slight difference that you can find a Stargate Pedestal by just randomly wandering around for long enough. You can still find the Buried Stargate through a map you get as a final trade from the Archeologist Villager, but you now have more options.


  • On older versions of ATM9, the Map that leads to the Buried Stargate could instead lead to one of the many Stargate Pedestals that Common Stargates Datapack generates. Due to that, it could prove difficult to find the Buried Stargate with the Abydos Address, so as a temporary solition, The Datapack would start generating Cartouches around the Overworld. On newer versions however, this bug is fixed and as of the time of writing this section, the only Cartouche that generates in the Overworld is the one above the Buried Stargate.

Note that it is still possible to have Cartouches generated around the world, since it's now a Datapack listed among additional files of the Common Stargates Datapack.


Updating from an older ATM9 version crashes, presumably due to problems caused by Stargate Journey

It's probably not Stargate Journey causing it, but rather an old version of the Common Stargates Datapack. Here is a guide on fixing it created by tehgreatdoge (edited a bit, since it was written in the context of Discord):

  • This tutorial assumes that you have 0 knowledge about how KubeJS works.
  1. To get started, open your Minecraft instance’s folder. Then go to ./kubejs/data. If you see a folder labeled sgjourney, this is (probably) the right tutorial for you.

  2. Now that you have the folder, you will need to verify that there aren’t any other important changes made by the modpack. To do so, compare your file structure against the attached image. While this won’t 100% guarantee that everything will be alright, it should help prevent any issues.

  3. If your file structure doesn’t exactly match, please open a post in on the Discord Server ⁠bugs-and-suggestions channel with the following info: Modpack and modpack version, sgjourney version, common stargates version.

  4. Now that we have verified that the folders match, go ahead and delete the sgjourney folder.

  5. Now, download the latest version of common stargates for your Minecraft version and open it. Inside, there should be a data folder. Copy the common_stargates and sgjourney folder from it and paste it into the ./kubejs/data folder. You did it! If this doesn’t work, please create a post in ⁠bugs-and-suggestions channel on the Discord Server with the previously mentioned info.